Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY Studded Hair Comb

So you can add all things spiked to my list of obsessions. Of course I don't want to look completely weird so I thought I would start small.

I bought these hair combs at Pharma Plus for $5.99...I think. The pack came with 2 black, 2 brown, to white, 2 cream, 2 navy and 2 green. The spikes came from This website is amazing!! There will be some more studding and spiking tutorials in my near future ;P

This took me about 3 minutes from start to finish.

You will need:

A hair comb or even a hair band will work
A glue gun
1/2 Inch tree or cone spikes
News paper to cover your work area

 Heat up the glue gun, and lay out the spikes. Dot the glue on to the comb starting at one end. Glue one spike at a time.


The glue dries before your know it so you will have to work fast. I alternated between the silver and the black.

I think this is gonna look awesome when my hair is in a French Twist. Something about the classic elegance of the twist with the modern edge of the spikes totally appeals to me.

Happy Spiking!!

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