Monday, 30 July 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Me- Day 1

Alrighty, here we go. I'm starting Day 1 by revealing my weight. It may or may not come as a shock to the people that know me, but I think its hard to guess someone’s weight. 195.2 lbs. There, I said it. Its out there for everyone to know. I'm not sure what my goal is exactly, but I'll know when I get there. I mostly just want my clothes to fit properly again. I'll be weighing my self and posting it on Mondays. 

This was taken this morning just after I got up. I weighed my self, then took my fur babies for a walk. We were out for about 20 minutes or so. Then I came back and ate breakfast. I had a hard boiled egg and some Fiber One cereal. I washed it all down with a glass of water.

On the way to work I drank one of my iced coffees (see post here). I drank 2 bottles of water between then and lunch. I park close to the back of the parking lot, so I have to walk a little to get in. I also took the stairs today instead of the escalator-small changes people.

For lunch I ate a home made burger (no bun or condiments) with some home made potato salad that my mum made. Its seriously my fave. In the afternoon, I had some mandarin oranges.

For dinner I made some fish with broccoli, roasted parsnips and baked beans in tomato sauce. It was kind of a thrown together meal that didn't really make sense, but it was pretty good. I had another glass of water with dinner.

After dinner I took Abby and Jersey for another 20 minute walk. I'm starting off small and I'll work up to longer more intense walks by the weekend. Next week, I will start exercising even more.

No snacks tonight, just water. Although, today wasn't perfect eating, it wasn't bad, and definitely could have been worse.

If anyone else is making an effort to be more active and eat a little better, let me know. I'd love to hear how you are doing and what you are doing to get to your goal.

Much love!


  1. I came across this page and I think I might try it... donno if you have a kid's playground close by

    1. Awesome! Thanks Cyn, there is a park right across the street from me! I'll give it a try :)

  2. Good for you Courtney! I just started a wheat-free diet on Monday. More to make me feel better than to lose weight but I'm hoping I will lose weight as well. It's more interesting to me because it's more of a project than a diet! Lol. Exercising more started a couple weeks ago. You should take measurements of yourself too (like they do on tv). You'll find you'll lose inches before weight. I usually do anyway. :)

    1. FAB Riann! wheat-free is a great idea. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know what you are doing for your workouts too. Thanks for the comment!