Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Me - Day 2

Oh migraine Tuesday. I suffer and I mean suffer from migraines. Well today was one of those days. I couldn’t sleep it was so bad. When I have an episode, all I can really do is lay down in my bed in the dark. So that is how I spent my day. No exercise for me today, L it was pouring with rain and then so hot I could melt. Heat is not good for my head anyways.

I did however do ok with my eating. I drank a ton of water as per usual. For breakfast I had half a bagel toasted with plain cream cheese, a hard boiled egg, bottle of water and an iced coffee. Then I went back to bed with my slumber mask and an ice pack. I have a sick fur baby on my hands too so I had to get up a lot to take them outside.

I got up to have some lunch. I had a bottle of water, the rest of the potato salad, baked beans and some red grapes. Then more water. Back to my bed.

Terrill had to make dinner, because I couldn’t take the heat in the kitchen. I laid on the couch and gave him the instructions. We had something I saw on a low carb website called Your Lighter Side. I think she called it Texas Chicken. I of course didn’t follow the recipe exactly.

Terrill grilled some chicken and baked some bacon in the oven. Once the chicken was done, he smothered it in garlic barbeque sauce, then topped it with the bacon, laughing cow cheese and swiss. It all went back into the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

We had it with spinach salad and sliced up cucumber tossed in vinegar, salt, pepper and paprika. It was soooo good! Its all on the ‘make again’ list.


  1. So you inspired me to go back to the gym!
    I went back today, did 30 mins of eleptycal at a varied intensity from 9 to 13, that made me loose 389 calories. I did 50 sit up on a ball, did 45 squat against a ball on the wall holding a 8 pound ball, 2x15 rep each weight lifting for the biceps and the chicken wings and finished it off on the punching bag until I thought I would die, my legs were shaking and my arms feel like 200 pounds each!!! I've been eating more carefully but maybe not as carefully as you tho!

    Don't give up girl!!!!

    1. Cyn that is great! I'm so happy/proud that I had something to do with that:) Your workout sounds amazingly intense, go big or go home right?! Awesome work girl :)