Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dinner Tonight- Veggie Stir Fry!!

As part of my detox, I’m having fresh fruit and veggie juice and then a vegetarian meal for dinner. Tonight was veggie stir fry! This is so good! Hubs and I actually made this on Sunday night as well haha!

This is full of fresh veggies, antioxidants, fiber and yummyness. You are going to love itJ

Here is what I put in it. Keep in mind that I didn’t measure anything. So just throw whatever you have in whatever amounts you like. I like some spice to it, so I put quite a bit of Sriracha and Chilli paste.

Red Onion
Chopped garlic
Green onion
Red and yellow peppers
Baby Bok Choy
Bean Sprouts
Enoki mushrooms
Snow Pea sprouts or Kale. We used snow pea sprouts on Sunday and Kale today. I preferred the snow pea sprouts, but Kale is really good for you.
Lemon juice
Low sodium soy sauce
Hoisin sauce
Sesame oil
Ginger paste
Chilli paste
Rice noodles

Chop up all the harder veggies (onions, garlic, celery, peppers) and throw in your frying pan with the sauces and seasonings. Cook for a couple of minutes. Then throw in your bok choy. You will have to add more of the sauces as the veggies start piling in. In the meantime start boiling the water for your rice noodles.

Cook the veggies for a few minutes until the bok choy starts to cook down, throw in your mushrooms, and then the kale or snow pea shoots. These cook down pretty quickly.

Your water should be boiling, add your noodles. These noodles cook really fast so you don’t need to leave them for very long.

 Add your bean sprouts to the veggies. Drain your noodles and add them to the veggies. Toss and enjoy!


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