Friday, 30 November 2012

Kelly Kapowski

Hi Dolls!

Couple of things.

1) My detox is still going strong. I think I will continue for another week and see how it goes from there. I've lost a few more pounds, I'll post the weeks total tomorrow when I weigh in. I feel pretty good:)

2) Quick outfit post. It was dress down day at work today. I wore this amazing chambray shirt with the bleached bottoms and white hearts. I love a plain denim shirt, but this was too fun to pass up! And who do we see poking out from underneath?! Yup! It's Kelly Kapowski!! I've wanted a shirt with her face on it for a while, and I came across this one last weekend. If they had a Zack Morris or and A.C Slater shirt I would have bought all three!!

Happy Friday boys and girls! Drive safe!!

Chambray Shir (doesn't seem to be on line) Similar - Target 
Kelly Kapowski Tshirt (which also doesn't seem to be online Similar - Urban Outfitters

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