Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lovely Finds

My Mum is awesome. She really is. My mum is a huge thrifter/garage saler. She heads out to all the Charity shops every Saturday with her partner in crime, Annette.

These ladies have some serous talent for amazing finds. Not to mention dedication. I myself love a thrift store, but I don’t have the patience to visit religiously. My Mum always comes home with really cool and useful things and most are under $4.00!

Thrifting has always been huge with my Mum. Ever since I was a baby, she trifted. She bought ladies clothes because she liked the fabric, then cut them down and make me cute little outfits. Since she was single mother of a child who loves clothes, this was how she made it work. She always said “5 cents is 5 cents. Its better in my pocket than in someone else’s.” And it’s true. It’s actually become one of my mantras.

Here are a few pictures of some of the pieces my Mum  or I have found in recent months.

This is a cool 80's necklace I found on one of my trips to a boutique.

These bracelets my Mum got for a $1.

A few more bracelets and a pin. The gold buckle bracelet if one I got for $0.50!

How freaking cute is this purse?!?!?! Another great find Mum!

Ok these shoes my mum has had since the 90's and she gave them to me. I think they are so amazing.

Last but not least, a picture of my girl Marilyn.

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