Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Me – Week 3 Results

Ok, ok I’m a day late. I completely spaced yesterday morning and I didn’t record my weight. So I’m posting it today.

This was a pretty good week. I basically am back to the week 1 results weight, which is good. Period. I’ve been a bit more active, just a bit. I have been totally consumed with Beverly Hills 90210-the original series. It’s on Netflix…I changed my ring tone to the theme song. I am a looser lol.

Back to the weight loss. The food thing is getting easier and easier. I’m not craving anything really. I think its because my body is getting the fuel it needs instead of all the processed garbage. I feel good. I’ll feel better once I start moving. 

Please ignore my unpolished toes. They will be fixed asap!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Just came across your lovely blog! Love everything about it!!