Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Chair Makeover

The chairs in our dining room set, while lovely were looking a little...well stale and stained.

 I had bought a slip cover for a cushion at Pottery Barn about a year ago. I am in love with the fabric. Well silly me only bought one. My mother in law-ish Cheryl found another one a few months ago. We decided to rip the covers apart and use them to cover four out of six of my less-than-fab dining room chairs. For the two end chairs, we are using this gorgy blue fabric that Cheryl bought at a yard sale.

Cheryl and my man friend Terrill did most of the work while I supervised and took pictures. The whole thing too about 20 minutes from start to finish.

You will need pliers, staple gun, staples, scissors, screw driver and a drill.

First the seems of the slip covers were un stitched. The fabric was placed pattern side down and the seats were placed on top. Cheryl then folded in each side and placed one staple at each side to hold the fabric in place.

Make sure the fabric is tight and there are no wrinkles. Staple around the seat until the fabric is completely tacked down. We used a staple gun attached to an air compressor. It made the job super easy and quick, but a regular staple gun will work just fine.

Air Compressor

Once you have stapled all the way around, place the seat back on the frame of the chair and screw back in place. Voila! It's as easy as that.

The end result looks amazing and has added a little kick to the overall look of the room.

End Result

End Result
Pretty nice eh?!

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