Saturday, 9 June 2012

Carefree & Hair Free - Laser Hair Removal

                                                 Image from Manor Skin and Spa

Just picture it, waking up everyday and never having to shave (enter body part here). Or going to the beach on a whim and never worrying about your...ahem-bikini line. Laser Hair Removal has become more and more popular these days, but is it worth the high price? This girl says -HECK YESSSS!!!!

I decided a few months ago to try Laser Hair Removal. I'm having my underarms and bikini area (Brazilian) done. I've always hated shaving-who doesn't? I have super sensitive skin so I always end up with rashes, razor burn and ingrown hairs-yuck! I did try waxing a bunch of times, but the pain was unbearable not to mention those pesky ingrowns.

I wasn't sure I would be a good candidate since my hair isn't very dark. So I called up my local laser clinic and booked a consultation. Turns out I was on the boarder. Any lighter and I wouldn't have been able to go through with the treatment. I had my first appointment right then and there.

First thing to know about laser is that you need to shave the area that is to be treated prior to the appointment. Since you are dealing with lasers, the hair can potentially be singed if the area has not been shaved. The Esthetician will ask you to undress and lay on the table. She will apply a clear gel (like ultra sound gel) to the area. You will have to wear a pair of these awesome looking glasses to block the laser rays from your eyes. The Esthetician will start to zap. It feels like an elastic band snapping your skin. Its extremely quick and there is no lingering pain afterwards. Although some areas are more sensitive than others. I had both underarms and a Brazilian done in about 10-15 minutes. The gel gets wiped off and you are provided with some towels (wet and dry) to clean your self up with.

Depending on your skin type, you may experience some redness, burn marks or a sunburn feeling in the area. I have experienced all of those, but they go away fairly quickly. You can put a cold cloth on the area to soothe it if needed. I didn't bother. You are also told to avoid tanning until you are done all of your treatments. I prepaid for 8 sessions and it cost me about $2000.00. You can of course find it cheaper but I know this clinic very well and I trust the people that work there.

I've completed 4 out of 8 sessions and the results are amazing!!! My underarms have about 75-80% less hair. I already can go for about a week and a half to two weeks without shaving. I have no irritation, no ingrown hairs. My bikini area has had fantastic results as well. About 80% is gone from there as well. I'm hoping to only have to use another two sessions out of the four I have left.

So far I'm super pleased about my results. I'd pay that $2K again in a heart beat. I'll post again about this to let everyone know my end results.


  1. always wanted to do this but needed a clinic recommendation.. where are you going?

    1. Hi Carlie! I'm going to Laser Esthetics & Guelph Vein Clinic. I've had a great experience.


      Sorry here is the link

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