Friday, 22 June 2012


Well my lovelies, it's Friday!! After all the heat and thunder storms we had this week has had, the weekend of decent weather is well deserved! It is so gorgeous outside, it seems a shame to be wasting the day at work-HA! As if I had a choice lol.

Tonight I'll be hitting up The Happy Traveller Cafe & Bistro with some very lovely ladies that I adore. I always look forward to these nights out, because its a chance to catch up, reminisce and be our selves again. No babies, dogs, husbands/man friends (ok I'm the only one with a man friend lol), work and family. Its just us girls. Its wonderful. Of course there will be discussion on the babies, men, work etc, but I think sometimes, women need to take some time for themselves and vent. This is a perfect opportunity.

Time is moving way faster that we realise, so this weekend go out and spend some time with your soul sista's or soul brotha's. Soak up every second the weekend has to offer. Bask in the sun, eat, drink, have a great time and create some wonderful memories.

{Mario Perez}

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