Tuesday, 19 June 2012

French Twist

It's sooooo hot outside!! I decided that wearing my hair up was the only option lol. Thank goodness for the French Twist. A classic style that is both simple and chic. This is an easy way to keep cool and look pulled together without spending hours.

I washed my hair yesterday before bed and let it air dry over night. This morning I didn't brush it ( I prefer the messy look) and put it into a loose pony tail with a tiny clear elastic. Slide the elastic halfway down the pony tail. Next roll all of your hair to one side as you would a normal French Twist. Making sure to tuck all pieces. Next using some bobby pins, pin the twist in place. I had to use quite a bit of hair spray since some of my layers are not long enough to make it into the actual twist. Voila! You can leave a few wispy pieces in the front around your face. Depending on the length of your hair, pieces might fall out on their own throughout the day.

Stay Cool!

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